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In the early stages of travian or any other MMORPG game, acquiring resources and silver/gold can get rather frustrating. Especially due to the game limitations that do not allow you to schedule tasks to be done later on. This should not stop you from playing the real game. I am here to solve that problem for you. We have the the perfect game automation manager here. My Travian Bot works by automating all the boring parts of the game using a very simple browser automation method. This software was coded in Python programming language, and should run on any operating system including Windows, Mac OS and Linux.



Is Travian Bot Free?

Yes, it is a full version software. No features have been removed. We don’t follow a freemium model here. For how long, I am not sure. It will continue to be free as long as we want it, after which it will be a commercial software.

We use tactics so that all automated tasks completely resemble a human player. We have tested our software endlessly using the most aggressive settings and till now not one account has been banned, out of the numerous we used.

Is it a standalone program or browser extension?

It is a standalone program. No installation required, no annoying ads or hidden charges. No browser addons for Firefox or Chrome are required.

Does it work on T4?

Yes. MyTravianBot works on both classic and T4 versions of the game.

Does it support multiple accounts?

Yes. You can use multiple accounts. The software also has the feature to use proxies to stay under the radar if you do decide to use multiple accounts.

Why are you giving it away for free?

I am addicted the travian game. The first few versions of this travian bot were developed for exclusively my use. I once shared some of the bots with my alliance and they were an instant hit. I thought more people might like to use such a tool, because currently there are not any good automation tools available for travian, especially for free. What is the catch? There is no catch, I will soon be releasing a paid version of this software. The people who get this before it becomes paid can still use it for free for lifetime!

What about detections?

After some very long tests, we are sure your account will be in safe hands with us. We have run multiple accounts on the same IP and ran them for days on end. Never had a problem once. What could be more convincing?

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